We will deploy and store your products in our warehouses.

Cabroz offers safe storage of merchandise in large modern warehouses located all over Europe. We store both half-products and ready-to-ship merchandise. We also offer a wide range of additional services, including labelling, packaging, repackaging and bundle packing (creating holiday sets etc.).

We use the services of a large, specialized transport fleet and a dense network of warehouses, which enables us to deploy your merchandise in a quick and efficient manner. Storing your products in external locations you don’t need to worry about securing more storage space when your business is growing. Cabroz keeps up with your company and at any given time provides you with safe, high-security warehouses that will accommodate all your merchandise even when your range of products grows wider alongside with the development of your business.

We constantly keep record of all goods stored in our warehouses, which lets us keep track of the inventory at all times, prevent storage of damaged goods and maintain the highest quality of services (precise batch marking, correct warehouse releases).

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