How much will you benefit from
logistics outsourcing?

Financial gains

  • Lower cost of managing logistics
  • No storage maintenance costs
  • Higher delivery efficiency
  • Fewer complaints and returns

Non-financial gains

  • More time to help your main business grow
  • Safe business scaling
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to quicker deliveries
  • Easy and inexpensive foreign expansion

You earn more thanks to increased shipment deliverability

Have you ever wondered how much your annual income would increase if you improved the efficiency of your deliveries by a mere 1%?

At Cabroz we understand that even the smallest improvement of shipment deliverability has a serious influence on financial results. Thanks to our proprietary Smart Delivery technology and self-learning mechanisms, our system calculates the likelihood of each shipment’s successful delivery based on a series of parameters, and the optimal management process is chosen depending on the result.

Thanks to this advanced mechanism, we are able to visibly improve the delivery efficiency of your shipments in a matter of months, which will increase your revenue.

Focus on your main business – don’t bother yourself with logistics

Just think how much time your business will save if you hand over the burden of all logistical processes to Cabroz. Why waste time when you can spend it on developing your business?

According to the theory of opportunity costs, by investing your time and resources in managing logistical processes you lose the benefits you could have gained by using these resources to develop your products or expand your business.

For your business to grow successfully, you must not only decide what to do, but also what to stop doing. Time is money, so make more time by letting experts take care of your logistics.

You can scale your business easily without worrying about the resources necessary for managing your orders

Have you ever felt sure that if your business suddenly grows, your warehouses will also grow, for example to accommodate 100 times more, or 200 times more products?

At Cabroz we perfectly understand that your business is moving ahead. We provide you with the comfort of scaling your business without having to search for new storage spaces or employ and train additional staff. Forget the worries that you won’t keep up with the market. We offer complete convenience and confidence that all your logistical processes will be well-managed regardless of the volume of your sales.

Obtain international range and easy entrance to new markets

Imagine that the entire world is at your business disposal. No place is too remote, no country too far away for your product to be sold in. Expanding into foreign markets becomes easier when you leave the logistics in our hands.

When you trust Cabroz with your logistics, any obstacles connected with introducing your brand to a foreign market disappear. You don’t have to speak the language or puzzle over organizing warehouses 4,000 kilometers away from your headquarters. We know local suppliers, and we constantly monitor foreign markets to provide you and your customers with the very best quality of service.

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