Supply Management

We constantly control your inventory, we plan and calculate the stock so that you can freely manage your supplies.

n order to enable your business to manufacture, distribute and sell in an unhindered manner, Cabroz constantly monitors, analyses and calculates the current and future demand for products deployed in warehouses. This helps optimize reserve supplies and minimize the costs of surplus merchandise storage while ensuring that supplies are sufficient to cater to the needs of customers in the given country.

Using proprietary technologies and advanced monitoring systems, we keep full record of your supplies, providing you with information regarding plans to use them, potential costs, demand fluctuations. We strive to eliminate unplanned downtime and deep-throat effect and determine the volume of orders, or the so-called level of safety stock.

Our supply management services also include coordinating all processes related to accepting and reviewing supplies, moving products to designated departments and arranging activities necessary for the efficient use of merchandise. Letting us take care of your supply management you can be sure you will always stand up to your customers’ expectations, at the same time reducing unnecessary costs.

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