Supply Chain Management

We plan, control and monitor the entire route of merchandise since the manufacturing stage until it arrives at your customer’s doorstep.

At Cabroz we know that the right strategy is the key for success in business, especially when it comes to e-commerce. We manage the entire supply chain building process, from creating the logistics strategy and planning goods storage and supply management, through optimizing all processes connected with order management, to planning the best delivery solutions using reputable and experienced delivery companies.

By means of carefully planning orders management, taking into account the number of orders in given localizations, efficient use of resources, opportunities, proprietary technologies and our knowledge of local carrying agents and foreign companies, we are capable of creating a complete and optimized supply chain, and manage all processes involved.

Managing the supply chain in an efficient manner we improve the quality and increase the pace of distribution of your good to end customer, which has a direct effect on your customers’ satisfaction, and hence your revenue.

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