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thanks to Smart Delivery technology?


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4500 EUR / year*

Savings available thanks to improving the deliverability of packages using Smart Delivery technology are estimated to be minimum 3500-12000 EUR per year. Remember - improved deliverability is only one of our assets.

Estimate savings based on the intra-company audit for 2017, carried out on January 12th, 2018, calculated through assessment of average deliverability of orders in the first three months of cooperation. The data is presented for orientation purposes and cannot be considered to be a binding guarantee.

Full Service Logistics - who is it for?

For small businessses

Small-time sellers, small e-shops owners, procurement platform sellers.

For big businesses

Large e-shops owners, offering wide range of merchandise. Wholesalers, import and export companies.

For huge businesses

Large-scale, well-developed businesses requiring complex solutions and tailor-made services. Companies with complex supply chains and a wide assortment of products.

Complete logistics management
in one place

Cabroz AIO is a complex all-in-one solution, providing outsourcing of all logistical processes. It is an option recommended for all companies willing to benefit from real savings resulting from delegating logistics costs, and to focus on their main business.

We take care of the entire logistical process, beginning from collecting merchandise from your warehouse or from your suppliers. We will do all the work connected with branding your product and preparing it for shipping. We will manage the supply chain at all its length and we will deploy your merchandise in countries you wish to sell in. We will deliver orders to your customer's door. We will manage complaints and returns. We will account all payments and charges on your behalf.

The entire process will be overseen by our experienced staff and our proprietary IT system Cabroz WMS. The system is equipped with Smart Delivery and Smart Recovery technologies, managed by AI mechanisms which are designed to constantly analyse data and optimize logistical processes in order to improve given KPIs.

Smart Delivery ™

Our proprietary technology using machine learning mechanisms. Designed to determine the most optimal way to handle each and every order, thus increasing the deliverability rate.

The technology is based on an advanced scoring model, taking into account a series of features and parameters describing the purchasing process carried out by the customer. The optimal way of handling the order is chosen basing on the calculated likelihood of successful delivery.

Order recovery ™

A technology designed to coordinate and automate processes involved in order recovery activities. Depending on the reasons behind a failed delivery attempt, the system determines the optimal actions in order to successfully deliver the order.

The system uses mechanisms of automated and manual communication, choosing the communication channel, time and frequency on the basis of customer data.

Key success factors



Technology changes the world. At Cabroz, we perfectly understand its importance. Our services are developed basing on proprietary technologies, using the newest advances from the field of AI.



Intelligent technologies and system integration are the fundamentals of efficient management of your orders. Our systems process huge amount of data on a daily basis, optimizing the entire logistical process, automating order management and improving the deliverability of shipments.



Success is always created by people. At Cabroz, the best that technology has to offer is combined with enormous experience and expertise of our staff, supervising and managing each stage of the logistical process.

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